Corrosion Inhibitors

From more than 25 years Carte Dozio distributes the Cortec products in Italy, world leader of VpCI technology.

A complete range of products of multi-metal corrosion protection products that can block or slow down the corrosion.

The Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors VpCI Cortec, currently the most practical, efficient and modern, condense on the metal surface, forming a thin, extremely effective barrier against the corrosion. The self-healing barrier is uniform and prevents the oxidation of the metal.

Whichever way is used, the anticorrosive VpCI always acts in the same way: the VpCI molecules are attracted by the metal, which benefits from the support and on which anchor themselves in preventing this from being oxidized and blocking or slowing down the formation of corrosion.

Dozio cards is able to follow you during the entire process of packing for the preservation and even shipment by sea.

To discover all the great family of VpCI products!

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