Coffee Filter Papers from the Leading Expert

Glatfelter has a comprehensive range of non-heat sealable and heat sealable coffee filter papers used in hard pods, soft pads, bags, pouches, and capsule filtration. With a network of 80 commercial branches, agencies, and other operational centers, Glatfelter provides unsurpassed products, service, and technical expertise to coffee-packers around the world. That’s why major coffee-packers and brand owners consider Glatfelter the leading expert in coffee filter papers. Glatfelter is committed to the development of new fiber-based materials that improve brewing performance, support higher-speed processing machines, and increase product functionality, such as branding or ecological values.


Why Choose Glatfelter Food & Beverage Papers?

  • Comprehensive range heat sealable and non-heat sealable filter papers.
  • Excellent processing on fully automatic packaging machines at high converting speeds.
  • Optimum brewing process by delivering full flavor of coffee bean under pressure and heat.
  • Contains best coffee quality and preserves blend freshness in individually sealed package without interfering with flavor (neutrality of taste).
  • Maximum retention of coffee particles.


Carte Dozio adopts a management system for hygiene complying with the rules stated by european standard UNI EN 15593, Packaging Management of hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs

  • heat sealable and non-heat sealable filter papers


    Heat Sealable Coffee Filter Papers

    • High strength at sealing joint and excellent cutability achieved through natural and synthetic fibers combinations. Comprised of a filtration layer and sealing layer.
    • Filtration layer consists of abaca fibers, wood pulp, and cellulose rayon fiber combinations designed to meet customer requirements.
    • Sealing layer can vary in composition and be made of polyethylene mixed with copolymers, polypropylene mixed with copolymers, or 100% polypropylene.


    Non-Heat Sealable Coffee Filter Papers

    • Single layer of 100% natural fibers.
    • Dimensional stability.
    • Ease of crimping.


    Tipo ProdottoTipo CartaLisciaTraforata
    Cialde Espresso/PodTermosaldabile/Heat Sealableda/from 19 a/to 27,5 gr/m²da/from 19 a/to 21,5 gr/m²
    Cialde Morbide/PadTermosaldabile/Heat Sealableda/from 19 a/to 27,5 gr/m²da/from 19 a/to 21,5 gr/m²
    Sacchetto/BagTermosaldabile/Heat Sealableda/from 16,5 a/to 27,5 gr/m²21,5 gr/m²
    Capsule/CapsulesTermosaldabile/Heat Sealableda/from 25 a/to 40 gr/m²21,5 gr/m²
    VendingNon Termosaldabile/Non-Heat Sealable21 gr/m²
    Capsule/CapsulesNon Termosaldabile/Non-Heat Sealable40gr/m²

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